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12 top tips for mums to incorporate into their gym session

If you are new to resistance work and need to familiairise yourself with equipment, techniques and so forth, I strongly recommend you have an induction or try a Personal Trainer to begin with. Nailing the basics and form is the first steps to remaining injury free on your fitness journey.

Furthermore, I wanted to unmask the myth that a lot of women in particular have concerns about. That being, that should they lift heavy weights, they will "bulk up". I cannot stress this enough - this is not the case! It is not easy by any means to turn fat to muscle and there is a lot of science and nutrition that goes into it to be looking like a bodybuilder...so please be reassured that by progressing your workouts and thus increasing the weight, this does not mean you will be looking like Arnie this time next month!

I must add that by incorporating weights and resistance work into your sessions, you are not only increasing the chance to burn fat and consequently lose weight but also strengthen bones and develop muscle mass to help us remain strong and mobile in later life.

Below are my 12 top tips for all those who want to incorporate resistance work into their workouts:-

1. Always warm up prior to any session to avoid injury

2. Focus on technique and use the mirrors to ensure your form and posture is correct

3. Breathe through the hard part of the lift

·4. Do not rush through the exercises

·5. Lift heavy – torch fat and build muscle

6. Engage the core and maintain neutral spine

7. Make the session count, get out of your comfort zone and challenge your body to see results

8. Be aware of your limitations and train sensibly

9. Be consistent to transform

10. Cool down and foam roller

11. Ensure rest days are taken and listen to your body

12. Work every muscle group in the body

In conclusion, and for all those mums and ladies out there who may wish to lose weight or tone up, please believe me when I say resistance training is the way forward.

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