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6 Top Tips On How To Stay Motivated

FACT - Change can be difficult. People often thrive by routines and adding a additional ball into the arena can often send people over the edge. When starting a health, lifestyle or fitness journey, it is worthwhile considering beforehand what areas in your life need to change for success to happen.

What motivates you to change?

No doubt one part of you accepts the benefits and positive reasons for making changes whilst the other part of you may dislike the idea of change. Fear not…no one is perfect and there will be times when we all get thrown off track, do not think of it as you failing, just jump back on and move forward! Everyone has a bad day. Just remember to pick up where you left off.

Any form of change comes with difficulties and it is often common for individuals to struggle to commit to long term change. The process of change is one that has been researched for quite some time now and the trans-theoretical model proposed by Prochaska and DiClemente identifies the different stages of the process as below:-

· Pre-contemplation – denial of any need to change

· Contemplation – Considering change but needing to overcome internal conflicts / barriers

· Preparation – Small changes are made

· Action – Changes are made from one day to six months

· Maintenance – Changes sustained beyond six months with coping strategies in place

· Relapse – Returning to old behaviour

When considering Change, consider what the Advantages and Disadvantages are of changing and Advantages and Disadvantages of not changing.

For example, an advantage of change could be, starting exercise would make you feel better about yourself and you would have more energy... whereas the disadvantage could simply be you would need to find a way to summon up some energy to exercise that you do not currently have.

An advantage of not changing would be you do not have to find time or energy but the disadvantage would be you would end up feeling worse than you already do.

So taking all of the above into account and addressing these matters at the outset of any journey can assist in how we stay motivated and helps us acknowledge and get to a stage where the benefits outweigh the negatives to ensure you are properly motivated to begin with and can work through the necessary changes.

Below you will find my top tips to help you on the road!

· Focus on why your health is important to you eg, stay youthful, kids, lose weight etc.

· Consider the positive effects that regular exercise has on the body

· Understand the fundamentals to a balanced diet and good nutrition

· Set accountability goals

· Track yourself

· Reduce distractions / negativity

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