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8 BEST Lunges to Tone Your Legs and Bum!

Ladies if you are anything like me and find doing the same workout monotonous, then here are some great variations to the lunge.

First Off....Why You Need Lunges In Your Life!

- They are amazing for strengthening and toning your legs and bottom!

- They help with balance, coordination and stability as well as strength and power!

- They address any muscle imbalances you may have!

- They are challenging!

1) Stationary Lunge

Otherwise known as the split squat, this exercise is a good one for beginner level and anyone who may struggle with balance and coordination I would begin with this to build stability into your movement.

2) Front Lunge

Another worthwhile variation for a beginner to progress to is the front lunge which is the simple stepping forward movement and raising back to standing position. This results in an increase of strength to the quadriceps (thighs).

3) Reverse Lunge

Opposite to the front lunge but stepping backwards into kneeling position. This again will help with balance and loads the hamstrings and glutes for strength.

4) Walking Lunge

A dynamic lunge progression which can be used with or without additional resistance resulting in hypertrophy, balance and strength.

5) Lateral Lunge

Undertaken by stepping laterally (sideways) to increase knee stability and helps with hip function and change of direction.

6) Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge

Similar to the reverse lunge however the individual has the front foot on a step / plate which increases the amount of knee flexion to the front leg as you step back. A great isolation exercise for the quadricep.

7) Bulgarian Split Squat

A tough but goody! This is a stationary lunge with your back foot elevated resulting in a increase of resistance placed on the front leg, Thus, forces a higher amount of weight to be lifted on the lead leg.

8) Plyo Lunge

Otherwise known as the Jump Lunge. Often done with bodyweight alone but can be applied to the stationary lunge, reverse lunge and even bulgarian.

In conclusion, not only do these little gems build strength to the lower body but they are fabulous for hip and knee function also! Double win! Enjoy mixing up your routine ladies :-)

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