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8 Tips To Stay On Track This Weekend

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Do not deprive yourself of a social life, remember, everything in moderation!

Below are my top tips to helping you navigate those food demons this weekend:-

- Consider making lighter nutrient dense choices throughout the day to counter-act what may be consumed within the evening

- If you have time, review the menu prior to arrival to ensure you do not panic buy

- Do not arrive hungry!

- Pass on the bread basket

- Choose either a starter or dessert not both

- Go for the healthier option of grilled and steamed foods

- Avoid dishes which are fried and in creamy sauces

- Avoid calorific drinks

Remember if you dine out regularly then you do need to be careful in terms of what you eat and drink as this can easily derail all the hard work you may have put in.


There is no need to turn tee total if you do not want to (I’m not!)

Although alcohol has no nutritional benefits, it is enjoyable and sometimes necessary to let off steam and unwind every now and again. The key is drinking sensibly and choosing the right drinks to ensure you stay on track with your journey.

Therefore, my only advice would be try and stick to clear spirits with a diet mixer as opposed to wine or beer.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :-)

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