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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I am often asked how often I train and what do I do to stay in shape and make the changes I have to my body shape.

For me, the answer is always simple. To change a body shape you need to build muscle. And no, I do not mean bodybuilding but you do need to add muscle to your frame which in turn uses more energy resulting in fat loss. It’s a win win combination!

Ladies we are no different to men in this respect, in fact we are worse off because we have less testosterone in the body which means we struggle to build muscle. So although I highly recommend any exercise, I will always advocate the need to lift weights.

Another query I am often asked about is cardio and if it is necessary. All cardio is energy expenditure and therefore yes please do continue to do so, especially if you are new to lifting weights as you will not be strong enough at the very beginning to use as much energy. Over time this does change as your strength increases.

So in conclusion, BEGINNERS…to begin with I would recommended training with weights 3 x per week and adding a 20 minute cardio to the end of your session (eg, 40 minutes weights, 20 minutes cardio). You can of course split this up and do your cardio later if you prefer.

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