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Early Morning Workout!?

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

My son has started pre-school today and my routine as we know it has been turned upside down. I used to be able to drop him at nursery early and get to the gym before work but unfortunately I can no longer do this. So, I have decided I need to re-organise and prioritise my workout schedule and attempt at becoming a super early bird morning person by hauling my lazy butt out of bed an hour earlier in order to workout. How do I intend to do this you ask! Simples!

Slowly Slowly Catch a Monkey!

What I mean by this is, start small and build. This week I plan to try and get up early Monday and Wednesday. Remember changes like this take time to adjust and so it may be a slow burner in getting into a routine. When successful you can increase the days but for now I just want to get into the habit of rising early.

Make A Plan Of Attack!

You have more chance of this being successful if you plan ahead! Get your gym gear out and prepare for the next morning, book onto a class the night before (you have to pay a cancellation fee that way!) and leave your alarm clock on the other side of the room - do whatever you need to do to get you up and out quickly in the morning!

My personal favourite – Go To Bed Early!

I have absolutely no chance of this being successful if I cannot get a good nights sleep. This in itself is difficult because Ed doesn't go to bed until 7:30pm and then I tear around the house trying to do the jobs that I didn't get to do when he is awake and I need at least an hour of doing, well, nothing to be honest!

A top tip however is to turn off your phone, ipad or whatever other device your glued to at least 30 minutes prior to bed time and if you struggle to sleep try reading for a short while.

Drink a Glass of Water and Wash Your Face

When awoken, try and avoid the temptation of hitting the snooze button and falling back to sleep by getting up straight away, splashing your face with cold water, cleaning your teeth and having a glass of water - it works, I promise you!

Stick At It!

I have been assured that after a couple of weeks of early rising, your body clock adjusts and it becomes much easier and perhaps dare i say, even enjoyable...I'll keep you posted :-)

If you simply just can't squeeze an early morning workout in, then squeeze it in where you can...morning, noon or night! And if like me you struggle to find a spare hour then my only alternative suggestion would be when you do manage time to workout, then make it count!

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