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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It's true! I have waited for what feels like an eternity to get my mini-gym off the ground and up and running, but I am delighted to say that I have finally done it!

It feels like an eternity since this journey began. I cannot begin to tell you how many business plans and ideas I have written in the past year and a half trying to work out what direction my fitness journey would take. And yet here I am now, sitting on my box waiting for the last of the equipment to arrive! I would say patiently but I feel far from it!

You see, if you had said to me this time last year I would be a qualified Personal Trainer with my own mini-gym and website up and running I would never have believed you. I have worked extremely hard in particular this year to achieve what I have to date and it has honestly not come easy. I have questioned myself so many times as to if I have the confidence to do this, am I doing the right thing and not only for me but my family. There have been days where I have honestly felt like I may lose the plot and could not cope. And even more worrying, am I a complete and utter unrealistic delusional lunatic in wanting to give this fitness dream a crack when it is currently one of the largest most popular industries at present to break into!

All of the above questions may result in a firm YES it's official Kain, you are absolutely certifiably crackers...time will tell... but for now I just cannot seem to help myself! This desire I have to give this a shot I just cannot seem to switch off - believe me I have tried numerous times over the year but it just keeps reigniting!!!!

And now I sit here, on my box still, with a smile on my face yet full of trepidation as to what my future holds. I am extremely nervous and absolutely terrified beyond words but I also cannot help feel proud of what I have achieved to date whatever the outcome. And no doubt as your mum and dad always said to you as a kid "you can only try your best" - that is exactly all I can do!

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable"... Christopher Reeve


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