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Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones!

I write this having just returned from a holiday in Spain with my family. I decided to try and capture some good images for my new website however, I have got to say I am not a natural by any means in front of the camera (or behind it come to think of it!) and my "poses" are a little to be desired...to be fair so is my attire - but this was a dummy run I would like to point out!

Actually i found the entire experience extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing and as I stood there I thought to myself... what on earth am I doing, why am I putting myself through this when I could quietly hide behind my desk at work, let alone on my holiday! I mean seriously, how difficult is it to pose for a lunge, squat, or plank....it was literally like I forgot the use of my legs and arms and I was stiff as an ironing board - my technique and form I have worked so hard on gaining vanished and I looked like a rabbit in headlights!

I have worked out that my left side is my preferred (don't ask me why!) and so prepare to see some serious shoulder popping action going forward!

The point is, now I have done my "dummy run" I realise okay, the shots aren't great but I did them - I got out, put my kit on and stood on a beach behaving like a right idiot with plenty of people eating their dinners watching and no doubt thinking "look at that wally over there!" - and I survived! And even more so, I've got to say, it was invigorating. Trying to create and build something that you are passionate about, love and enjoy... even if you are not the best or look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards...well it is just worth the weight in gold!

So I now invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and here are my top tips why:-

  • I am living proof that things are never as bad as you imagine!

  • No one is paying attention to you and if they are, does it really matter?

  • Others are scared too!

  • People with no more or less talent are doing exactly the same as you

  • There is no better way to grow than taking yourself out of the fire and into the frying pan!

  • You never know, you might discover something you love and excel at!

  • You will boost your self-confidence and be proud you took the leap

  • Each milestone makes it easier to tackle another milestone

  • Failure is rare and the most common outcomes are success, learning and growth

  • As your comfort zone expands you will see new opportunities previously obscured by barriers of your own making

  • You will become more resilient and prepared for whatever comes your way

  • It could change your life by opening doors you never knew existed!

So join me on my adventure to opening those doors and experiences, who knows where they may lead!

My next step (or car crash!) is to get in front of the video camera and overcome my fears of making a further idiot of myself....what are you going to do?

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