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Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing up is Optional!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

My Nan always used to say to me "Old age doesn't creep up on you, it gallops!" - I always took it for granted but now I can appreciate what she meant - the years are all of a sudden speeding up and it's scary to think of what is round the corner. With that in mind, its never too late to start thinking of the future and putting plans and health into action.

It is recommended that older adults aged 65 and over should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity with 2 or more days of strength training. Alternatively, a mixture of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity with strength training.

Above is my dad. He's 71 in three months and it was his mum that used to say the above quote. I think he took it literally and is a brilliant example of how we shouldn't if possible stop playing because we grow old. Even at 70 he is spritely, active and full of vitality...he's not some super dad (as in the cape wearing type), he is a regular guy who although has always lead a busy active life (and still does!), he has not run marathons, triathlons, duathlons etc...he's not played football for a premier league - he's just an average joe that has kept moving throughout his life!

We as a family have waterskied for many many years and that's probably the one regular (when I say regular I mean a couple of weeks a year!) sport he has always continued to do. He walks a lot and swims now and then but his benchmark every summer is to get up on the ski. Although nowadays he cannot start in the water on mono (one) ski, he still has the strength, balance and mobility to ski on one or two ski's which is pretty impressive.

Lets look after our health as best as we can and hopefully we too can be as inspirational as this old dear is to me :-)

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