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Happy New You!

As another year comes to an end, have you thought about what you want to achieve in 2019? If fitness related then here are my top tips on how best to nail your desired goals!

1 . Make sure your goals are SMART!

Yes by creating goals which are based on the SMART principals - Specific, Measureable, Agreed and Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed - this will ensure a higher success rate of achieving the same. For example, by simply saying "I want to lose weight" this is an open statement in itself - What!? this month, year, decade? What for? What will motivate you to do this? A better goal would be "I want to lose a stone (specific) of body fat by 12 weeks (measurable, achievable and time-framed) so I can look great for the summer (realistic).

So when considering what your goals are for 2019, I invite you to answer these questions first:-

  • What is your goal?

  • How will you measure your goal to know you have achieved it?

  • Is your goal achievable?

  • What do you need to achieve the goal?

  • Why do you want to achieve this goal? What does it mean to you?

  • How often will you check your progress?

  • When do you want to achieve your goal by?

So by taking some time to think about the above and what it is you really want to achieve and your reasons / purpose behind it, this stands you in good stead for them to be accomplished. I would then recommend you write them down as I find that most things written down are more achievable than the pipe-dream...and keep it somewhere you will see it daily / weekly to keep you motivated.

One further tip would be not to make too many goals as otherwise it may have a negative effect and become overwhelming, unrealistic and then you are unlikely to achieve them. My advice would be to start small and work your way up to more challenging goals.

2. Assess your Lifestyle

What is it you need to do to achieve these goals? Are they achievable in the current format of your life? If not, what changes to your lifestyle need to be made or habits need to be broken?

When it comes to fitness and achieving goals, I have some simple rules that I try and take into account. They are as follows:-

  • Develop a routine that works with your lifestyle - both exercise and nutrition related.

  • Ensure breakfast is eaten every day.

  • Swap sweet snacks for healthy snacks.

  • Facilitate healthy eating and bulk up on nutrient dense foods / batch cook.

  • Remove weaknesses from the vicinity ie, cakes, chocolate, crisps, sweets etc.

  • Move - be as active as you can in your day. A perfect example being to walk more.

  • Ensure time is taken to stretch and foam roll where possible as this will assist in recovery and progression as well as keeping you injury free

  • Develop a bedtime routine - for example, set your clothes out the day before, prepare your food etc.

  • As a guide, try and drink approximately 6-8 cups of water per day. As I say, everyone is unique so if you want to find out the exact amount required for your size then follow the following equation:-

Take your weight (in pounds) and divide by 2.2

Multiply that number depending on your age

- If you are younger than 30, multiply by 40

- If you are between 30 and 55 multiply by 35

- If you are older than 55, multiply by 30

Divide that sum by 28.3

Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day

Divide that number by 8 if you wish to see your result in cups

3. Staying motivated and ensuring Sustainability

As a Personal Trainer it is my role to ensure I help you stay motivated. However as a PT we cannot be with you 24 hours a day and therefore it is also down to you to ensure you stay motivated to fulfil your goal. These are my additional tips to help you on the road!

  • Focus on WHY your health is important to you. For example, to stay youthful, fit for your children, lose weight, health etc.

  • Consider the positive effects that regular exercise has on your body.

  • Understand the fundamentals to a balanced diet and good nutrition.

  • Set accountability goals - tell someone what you are trying to achieve and this should help keep you aware.

  • Track yourself.

  • Reduce distractions / negativity.

If you struggle to maintain the routine it is you require to achieve your goals then identify habits or the trigger of such habits that may need to be removed. Once identified, then you csan form new habits.

So in conclusion, I hope this guide has given you a more detailed insight as to how you can plan for your new years fitness resolutions and kick-start you on your way, ensuring you are focused on what it is exactly you want to achieve and what it is you need to do to achieve the same.

In the meantime, Happy New Year Everyone! Good Luck!

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