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My friends and family think I’m mad changing my career at this stage in my life with a toddler on my hands.  When I told people I had decided to try and work as a PT and fitness blogger as well as HR Consultant, I can assure you there were a lot of raised eyebrows as if to say “you must be mad Kain!”

Fortunately, I have been in a very lucky position to work in my family’s business since leaving College and although it has given me a great lifestyle and wonderful opportunities at various times, it has never given me that warm fuzzy feeling inside!  Doing this, what I am trying to achieve regardless of if it works or not, is exactly what gives me that motivation to get up in the morning with a spring in my step.  Change is scary and I am fortunate to have the wonderful backing of my other half and family but sometimes I just think if you don’t try these things you will never know…I never want to be that person that says “if only….or what if….!

So here are 10 Tips on How To Kick start Change in Your Life!

Find Meaning

Finding a meaning and purpose to your life.  What makes you happy?  If you don’t have meaning you will find yourself wandering through life with no direction or focus.

Dream Big or Go Home!

As we grow into adults dreams become hidden and it’s hard to keep hold of those dreams as life progresses.  Believe in your dreams, believe in the possibility of achieving these dreams.  What harm can it do in trying?

Set Your Goals to Achieve Your Dreams

Once you know what is important in life, take action!  Write down and set yourself short, medium and long term goals, this way if they are written down you can always refer back to them at a later date and there’s more chance of you achieving the same.

Let Go of Any Regrets

Stop thinking about the past.  Acceptance is key… let it go and move on.  If you spend all your time thinking about your past then you will miss out on the present and future.  You and only you have control over how your present and future life can look.  Grab it with both hands!

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Step outside your comfort zone.  Forget about your fears, everyone’s been there at some point – BE YOU!  Make a list of scary things you would like to try and put a plan in place to give them a crack.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Start Living A Well-Balanced Life

Living a happy and healthy life builds resilience to the physical changes of our body as we get older.  Exercising is a wonderful way to attain a positive and optimistic attitude towards a fulfilled life.

Face Your Fears

Take back the power and learn to conquer your fears.  Choose how you want to live your life and when you do this, you change your life.


The only person who can create change in your life is You!  Find the courage to love yourself, ignore what anyone else thinks, in your heart if it feels right then act on it and create the life you want!

Life is For Living

We can become so consumed with problems and discontent in the present that we sometimes miss the precious beauty of the moment.  Don’t miss these moments because you are to busy focusing on your own pursuit of happiness.

Knowledge is Confidence

Learning gives our life meaning and what makes life worthwhile.  Educating yourself means your intelligent enough to know there is plenty left to learn.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with change provided it is in the right direction!  Keep smiling everyone!

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