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I come from tough stock!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

My Nan passed away at 89. She was born on the17th May 1913 in the East End of London. She was the eleventh and last child in the family. She did not even know some of her older brothers and sisters! Her father, my great grandad, was from Scotland. He was a labourer and spent every penny he earned on drink. I've been told that when he was drunk, which was often, he would knock my great grandmother about and she was forever covered in scars. Sadly, my Nan and her brothers and sisters were often in the firing line as well. My Nan lived through two World Wars. There is a picture of her on the front cover of “War Cry” the Salvation Army newspaper with her brother and sister sitting on a wall outside the bomb site that had once been her home.

She worked all of her life. Even working well into her eighties. She never exercised but walked every day. None of my grand parents drove. She did smoke when she was younger but gave that habit up in her forties. She would have the odd sherry. She would always have a “ brew” going.

Her diet was fairly rigid. Roast on a Sunday and fish on a Friday. She loved vegetables and salads and her chips were literally the best ever.

She had a fantastic sense of humour and was so loving. I still miss her. My point is that by living a simple life, walking and eating whole nutritious foods, everyone can have a long and healthy life... although a person’s genes determine what might be, lifestyle choices determine what the person actually becomes.  

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