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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Picture this... it was a balmy last night of the holiday in San Pedro Alcantara, Spain...Neil, Edward and I went out for a picturesque walk and glorious dinner whilst watching the sun set...it was as romantic as it could be with a 2.5 year old!

The sea breeze was blowing in our hair...and then suddenly and without warning the ground shook and an explosion occurred... it turns out the blowing continued but it was coming from Edward's pants...fortunately... well for humanity not so fortunate for me!

It was quite a tremor and my inner chimp of FFF (Fight, Flight or Freeze) struck...and boy did I Fly...I ran with Ed and a brown stench emerging from his shorts and top...only to find that as per usual, I was caught unawares and had brought no spare clothes (bad mum lol!) and so the poor thing ended up being stripped on the beach and covered up in his mums hoody...this parenting lark really keeps you on your toes right!?!

It certainly made me smile though! :-)

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