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Problematic Snorers!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Do you snore or worse still, live with someone who does!? There is nothing worse than that middle of the night rumble waking you or your partner up! It makes us irritable and fatigued and if you think you just have to like it or lump it...well I'm delighted to say, think again!

There are now ways how to avoid becoming a snorer and how to even treat it too!

1) Bodyweight

It is a fact that if you are overweight, you are prone to snoring due to not having the muscle tone required to keep your airways open. Therefore, by ensuring you maintain a healthy bodyweight, you are less likely to snore.

2) Sleeping Position

Yes, how you sleep can affect the airflow of your breath. By sleeping on your side, this should enable the tongue to not obstruct the airflow.

3) One Too Many

We have all been there! One too many alcoholic drinks causes the muscles to the tongue and throat to relax due to the central nervous system being sedated. This in turn causes the narrowing and restriction of airflow resulting once again in a sleep-shattering rumble revertebrating from someone's throat! To avoid the same it is recommended that alcohol be avoided at least two hours prior to bedtime.

4) Another Reason To Quit Smoking

As a result of nasal passages becoming congested, it is difficult to breathe through the nose and throat.

5) Allergic Reactions

Those pesky dust mites are often the cause of loud snoring and it is therefore recommended that nasal steroid sprays or anti-allergy pillows are a great solution.

6) Tongue Issues

A bit random I agree but true nevertheless. For those that sleep with their tongue at the base of the mouth, this can result in aurways once again becoming restricted causing airways to become blocked. Fortunately, on the market nowadays there is now a device known to bring the lower jaw forward and tongue away from the back. This can be prescribed by a GP as Mandibular Advancement Device.

7) Weak Nostrils

Those with small or collapsed naval cavities may have abnormal airflow currents which causes snoring. Again, there are many treatments to combat this such as nasal strips that pull nostrils open to surgery which increases the airflow through the nose.

So there you have it! Some helpful tips on how you and/or your Partner can combat snoring! May the force be with you!

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