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Q&A Mid-Life Fitness Video Programme

Updated: Oct 20, 2019



From around the age of 35 to 40, a gradual loss of bone density begins along with a reduction to range of movement, ultimately leading to possible degenerative changes.

In order to minimise this from happening it is important that resistance and interval training is incorporated into your routine.

My videos consequently build strong muscles, bones and a healthy heart in later life resulting in the battle against chronic conditions.

However, if you are at all unsure if these videos are suitable for you, please seek advice from your General Practitioner beforehand.


As we age, physical activity performance diminishes. This does not affect only the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system but also the nervous system. This often results in the detriment of speed and the ability to process complex movements quickly.

Taking this into consideration, I do not believe the circuits are as effective unless done properly and therefore I have removed the time barrier from the equation.

This will allow the individual to complete the workout at their own working intensity allowing the individual to focus on technique and avoiding injury.

Ensure all repetitions and sets are completed but bear in mind the Overload Principle. In order to improve you need to continually work harder and outside of your comfort zone to enable the body to reap the benefits.

I do not mind how long it takes you to complete as long as the intensity is there and the workout is completed.

Below you will find Instructions as to how to maximise your workouts with me:-


Always ensure you are warmed up prior to commencing the Workout

Visit my video Dynamic Warm Up for assistance

Bodyweight Exercises

BEGINNER: 8-12 Reps 1-2 Sets

INTERMEDIATE: 12-15 Reps 2-3 Sets

ADVANCED: 15-20 Reps 3-4 Sets


BEGINNER: 90 Seconds / INTERMEDIATE: 60 Seconds / ADVANCED: 30 Seconds

· Ensure all Repetitions and Sets are completed

· To avoid injury, focus on Technique – as you improve and become familiar with exercises the intensity will increase naturally

· If using resistance, please ensure you choose a suitable weight for your ability

· There are a few pieces of equipment which can maximise your workout and they will be stated within the instructions at the time of the video being uploaded. If you do not have this equipment available please feel free to use substitutions or modify the exercises where necessary

· Ensure you stay hydrated

· Cool down, static stretch and foam roll post workout.

· For further information visit my Static Stretch and Self-Myofacial video

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