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Q&A Senior Fitness Video Programmes

Updated: Oct 20, 2019


A healthy adult between the age of 50 and 65 can be reasonably accommodated into a regular exercise session with appropriate adaptations to meet specific age-related needs. If you feel this is you, please see my Mid-Life Video Workouts.

However, adults aged between 50 and 64 with health conditions or aged 65 + should try these adapted workout routines as per my Senior Fitness Videos.

The workouts incorporate aerobic, strength, balance, stability and flexibility to combat fall prevention and chronic conditions in later life.

However, if you are at all unsure if these videos are suitable for you, please seek advice from your General Practitioner beforehand.


It is imperative that various forms of training is incorporated into weekly routines to reduce the affects of ageing on the skeletal and neuromuscular system. My videos aim to assist in fall prevention by building not only a strong core, bones and muscles but incorporating flexibility, mobility and balance.

Furthermore, by including low-impact aerobic exercises, this will not only assist with fat loss and enable muscles to receive oxygen but it also assists in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rates.


Simple! Unfortunately for many people, ageing is the gradual loss of the ability to take part in activities that once seemed effortless. As we age the number of accidental falls increases often resulting in serious injury.

M videos incorporate Fall Prevention training by assisting in improving the core stability, balance capabilities, strength and reaction times whilst taking into account safety guidelines.

Taking all the above into consideration, I do not believe the circuits are as effective unless done properly and therefore I have removed any form of time barrier from the equation.

This will allow the individual to complete the workout at their own working intensity allowing them to focus on technique and avoiding injury.

Ensure all repetitions and sets are completed but bear in mind the Overload Principle. In order to improve you need to continually work harder and outside of the comfort zone to enable the body to reap the benefits.

I do not mind how long it takes you to complete as long as the intensity is there and the workout is completed.


Always ensure you undertake a gradual warm up (around 15 minutes) prior to commencing

Visit my video Senior Full Body Static & Dynamic warm up for assistance

Low Impact Exercises

Incorporating Strength, Balance, Stability & Flexibility

8-12 Reps 1-3 Sets

REST IN BETWEEN SETS - 60-90 Seconds

· Ensure you complete Reps and Sets

· To avoid injury focus on Technique

· If using resistance please ensure you choose a suitable weight for your ability

· Ensure you stay hydrated

· Cool down. Visit my video Static Stretch and Self-Myofacial for assistance

· Rest days are essential. Listen to your body

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