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Sleeping's For Wimps!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Trying to stay motivated and workout when you're running on empty is tough! My little firecracker has decided that he just does not need sleep in his life at the moment... he is far too busy to sleep unless of course it is in Mummy and Daddy's bed that is...and then its wriggles all round and bumps in the night!

So, this weekend we thought enough is enough! This kid is ruling the house...it's time to toughen up, show him who's boss... we got him out of the cot and into his own big boy bed and this is what happened...a lot of bouncing, a lot of fun....little sleep...until of course....back in Mummy's bed! I give up! :-)

If you, like me, struggle to stay motivated because you are just not getting enough sleep then all I can say is when you do feel up to a workout, no matter how long or short....just make your session count! Get your pulse rate up, keep moving, stay active...you will feel better for it afterwards I promise you!

Sleeping Beauty

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