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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As we age we gradually lose the ability to take part in activities which once may of seemed effortless. This is due to the decline of muscle mass and bone health. To combat this it is imperative we include resistance training to workouts.

So, first off, stop thinking lifting weights will make you big!! This is nonsense and were it true every male who went to the gym would be ripped. It just doesn't happen this way unless yu ae eating and training like an athlete.

Women have 10 x less testosterone than men so we struggle to build muscle as easily as men.

With the right weight training and diet in place, regular weight training will help you build a healthy profile without the bulging biceps that you think you will achieve!

So, focus on losing fat and building muscle. By doing this you will burn more calories than you would imagine and your metabolism will sky-rocket resulting in a leaner profile.

Ditch the high reps and work on loading the weight with lower reps. I would recommend between 8-12 reps.

Strive to improve the performance of each workout you undertake and progressively overload your weight.

Ditch the hours of cardio and swap it for high intensity workouts!

Maintain a healthy balanced diet and undertake exercise that is beneficial to your health, mind and body!

Do not accept the rapid loss of muscle tissue, the aches and pains and decline in memory, mood and energy levels!

So in conclusion, by including strength training and cardio into your weekly routine you will age in style and be strong and healthy for much later in life.

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