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Switch Off!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

How many people switch off when they leave work?

It used to be so easy!

Can you imagine a life nowadays without mobile phones, emails, texts - void of social media and the endless platforms we have available to us!

The weekends were free. We owned them. We could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted!

Today we are all constantly bombarded with stuff albeit day, night, week or weekend - and it is relentless. There is no off button. There's little wonder we are all so stressed!

The weekend is to relax, chill and do the things that you like doing - like exercising, cooking, spending time with friends and family!

Exercise is considered vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress. Studies show that it is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. This can be especially helpful when stress has depleted your energy or ability to concentrate.

So how about this...

This coming Friday (assuming that you finish work on a Friday), walk out of work and switch your phone off for the night. Go home or go out but don’t touch that phone until the morning. Clear your head of all that rubbish even if just for the night and RELAX AND HAVE FUN!

So, if you are feeling stressed, give this a go!

Have a great one what ever you do! :-)

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