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The Beginning...

So this is me pre-baby in summer 2015. I was 35 and had just found out I was pregnant. I was a regular gym-goer and had all the time in the world to do what I wanted when I wanted!

Roll forward 18 months, 37 years old, mother of one with a 10 month old baby. The battle of the bulge begins!

I know it’s terrible to say but since the day Edward was born I was desperate to get my old body back. I completely appreciate now why people say do not worry about it, make the most of this time as before you know it your child will be at school (or pre-school in my case!) but you are who you are.

My self-esteem at this point was terribly low because I did not feel comfortable in my own skin and therefore I was determined to fight back. When getting back to the gym post birth I realised I could no longer get away with my old training methods of just hitting the treadmill and doing some half-hearted workouts. I therefore started having Personal Training sessions and included resistance training to my sessions, it was here when the ignition was reignited along with my love and passion of exercise!

It has been a constant battle for me to get back to where I was, mainly because I love my food and because I love my sleep! I struggle to exercise before 6:30am (when my son wakes) or after 7:30-8pm (when he goes down) - at this point I am shattered!

I have accepted that it is unlikely I will ever have my old “youthful” body back but my main motivation nowadays is to be strong, maintain muscle definition and basically feel the best I can.

I have found my metabolism has changed, I can no longer eat what I want, I just have to look at a piece of chocolate or a chip and it goes straight to my bum and thighs! My balance and stability is weaker and I have had to accept that it really is a case of making the workouts count in what little time I have available in between working, raising a child and juggling other commitments!

Above is me on holiday last week, (excuse the bomb that’s gone off in my room beforehand!), I have just turned 39 and am now a mother of a boisterous 2 year old. I’m still working hard on my fitness journey and my goals are still a long way from being met but my self-esteem and confidence is back!

So for all of you out there who just want to give up or think why bother it just wont ever happen - believe me I have been there – persevere, carry on, pick yourself up and dust yourself down! Today is a new day. You can do this!!

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