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The Ultimate Guide To Snacking This Half Term

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

When it comes to snacking ensure you do not over eat or graze all day. You should only snack if you need to, so listen to your body and remember, hunger is felt in the stomach not the head!

Remind yourself that people often mistake hunger for thirst, so first things first, drink a glass of water or herbal tea. If after that you still feel hungry make yourself a healthy snack but ensure portion size is taken into account.

If you still feel hungry after this, try and ensure you snack on real wholesome nutritious foods as opposed to quick pre-packaged snacks. Although these are handy at times and I for one often have a protein bar for breakfast pre-workout if I've little time to have breakfast or running late, but please also be aware of the place and time you have these snacks and ask yourself, is it necessary and could you snack on a better alternative which IS wholesome?

Below you will find some healthy snacks to help you in the right direction this half term:-

- Hard boiled egg

- Rice cake with natural peanut butter and/or berries

- A portion of fruit

- Greek yoghurt with berries or nuts/seeds

- Greek yoghurt wit 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter mixed

- 2 squares of dark chocolate

- Vegetable dippers with or without 2 x tablespoons of hummus or guacamole

- A protein shake with 1 scoop of protein powder

- 1 homemade protein bar

- 3 small homemade energy balls


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