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Why YOU need ME!

Why do YOU need a Personal Trainer?

Everyone has the ability to make changes to their life but there is still a large proportion of the population who are inactive. Whether you are or aren't active I can help you! Let me show you how...

1) All the Gear, No Idea!

If you are new to exercise then I would highly recommend using a PT to help you workout the basics. For example, how best to organise a safe yet effective exercise programme to suit you and your needs, incorporating elements such as frequency, intensity, time and type of workout.

2) Safety First!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn from the outset good technique. This will help you avoid injury later down the line. Without the knowledge and understanding of good form, I guarantee at some point in time you will become injured and you will wish you had been taught the correct way from the outset.

3) You have Plateaued and No Longer Seeing Results!

First off, a PT will review your current training plan and provide advice with regards to helping you workout more effectively and efficiently. They will ensure your goals are realistic and provide you with the extra push you need so you are working to your maximum potential. You may even find you are getting result just not in the way you anticipated, something a PT may see more clearly from the outside perspective.

4) The Initial Motivation has Gone and You are Now Finding Your Current Routine Boring!

Experienced or not, it is easy to fall into a rut of doing the same workouts over and over! A PT can bring fresh routines and encourage you to try new exercises and in effect, flip your workouts inside out! We can set you more challenging goals to work for and push you harder than you may usually working solo.

5) You are Training For A Specific Event

A PT can help you develop a specific programme in conjunction to your specific goals, and help you achieve the results you want. For example:-

Half Marathon - A PT would focus on cardiovascular duration and muscular endurance.

Tough Mudder - A PT may consider focusing on endurance, strength, power, mobility, flexibility and endurance with a specific focus on upper body to get up and over those ghastly obstacles.

6) Accountability and Motivation

By investing in your health, this in turn is a great motivator to get your money's worth out of us! Time is also precious with commitments and therefore, you are not only investing your money but your time in us as well.

As a PT it is our responsibility to ensure you are reaching your full potential however, knowing this should make you accountable for what you do in and outside of the Personal Training sessions.

7) Injury and Illness

With experience comes knowledge. PT's work with a diverse range of individuals with many having speciality niches that allow them to work with particular Clients and their special needs. Creating a programme for such individuals who may feel wary of exercising is what we do best!

And Remember....

It is a well known FACT that keeping active into your later life has so many advantages to a seniors quality of life and mortality. We can help by providing you with a safe yet effective routine to enable you to stay mobile and co-ordinated through your later life and giving you the confidence you need to remain active.

So in conclusion, knowing now how we can benefit you and your fitness journey is one thing...making the brave step and being proactive is the next...together we can do whatever you put your mind to!

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